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Canned Suds

We've been spending a lot of time over the past number of months preparing for the launch of our line of hand & body wash in aluminum cans....

citrus tea tree hand body wash being held

But why cans? As it turns out, aluminum cans are actually the perfect container when it comes to lightweight (fewer transportation emissions), durable (no glass to break), and low waste (100% recyclable) liquid packaging.

When we started out The Peeled Pantry, we thought glass refills were the only way to deliver cosmetics in a zero-waste, eco-conscious way. But, with a little R&D, we've shown that isn't the case! We now proudly offer our lineup of four hand & body washes in these handsome 473ml cans:

peeled pantry line of aluminum canned soaps
One can uses as little as 18 grams of aluminum, is 100% recyclable, and the average Canadian can has 73% recycled content - all offsetting the energy and raw minerals used. Better yet, aluminum is super valuable, so recyclers love the stuff - which is pretty much the polar opposite case of plastic waste. This means that as long as your can is rinsed and put in the blue bin, it's almost guaranteed that it will truly get recycled.

We have some innovations you won't see on normal cans though - because we've made sure to include a special easy-pour lid. Just pull the tab, and the whole top comes off - making filling your sink soap dispenser or shower pump bottle a piece of cake.

wide mouth refill

We're really excited about this new development, as it's been in the works here for nearly a year as we tested out various filling & canning techniques to get everything running smoothly - it turns out canning liquid soap is not as easy as pop or beer!

Wash Responsibly!
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