Keeping your pumps and sprayers clean!

Keeping your pumps and sprayers clean!

Good on you! You’ve committed to a waste-free lifestyle and are starting to accumulate a fantastic array of reusable containers. You might have some of The Peeled Pantry’s milkman model jars, but I bet you’ve also repurposed a few utilitarian jars from other products in your life. Many of these containers have pump or sprayer lids that make them extra appealing for continued use.

Pumps and sprayer lids will last a long time (…years…decades!) if you take good care of them. The limiting factor should be when the spring mechanism inside breaks, not clogging, and that’s because you’ve been cleaning your pump and sprayer lids properly all this time. This is especially important for products like body lotion, as bacteria can build up over time and lessen the lifespan of the spring.

The Peeled Pantry wants nothing more than to support your waste-free lifestyle. You may know that we are unable to accept returns of pump and sprayer lids for hygienic reasons; we can’t clean these according to our restaurant-grade sterilization process. This is all the more reason for us to help you keep your own clean. Follow this easy, step-by-step process to keep these items in your refillable jars for years to come.  

How to clean your pump and sprayer lids:  

  1. Grab yourself 2 small tubs. Fill one with warm water and another with vinegar. The simple white vinegar you have under your sink will work just fine.
  2. Take your pump or sprayer lid and put the straw end into the warm water first. Pump warm water through for 30 seconds.
  3. Move your pump or sprayer lid to the vinegar tub and pump through for another 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat once more with warm water again for 30 seconds. This is your rinse cycle.
  5. Hold the pump or sprayer over running tap water for a final outer rinse!

Screw that bad boy back onto your reusable bottle and you're off to the races!

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