Introducing All-Natural Dental Floss

Introducing All-Natural Dental Floss

Little changes. That’s what going plastic-free is all about. Taking it upon yourself to make better-for-the-planet decisions each time you replace a plastic product in your life.

The Peeled Pantry is very excited to announce the launch of our new zero-waste dental care trio. This utilitarian tripod will transform your twice daily brush brush into a powerful and decisive step forward into plastic-free living.


Today, the littlest item will make its debut, humble dental floss.

We’ve sourced top-quality materials to bring you a truly plastic-free, all-natural dental floss. The floss itself is made of natural silk, biodegradable by nature. This malleable product is known for both its strength and softness, which makes it an ideal candidate for the job. Next, this silk must be turned into floss. This is done by coating it in candelilla wax and peppermint oil. If this is the first you’ve heard of candelilla wax, don’t worry, I had to look it up too. It’s wax that’s been derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub native to Mexico and the southwest United States. Of course we’re not surprised by the addition of peppermint oil in its intent for minty freshness, but did you know that it has mild anti-microbial properties as well? This brings you fresh breath not just from the aromatics oil, but also from the cleaning ability of the floss itself.

All this considered our new floss is a big step up from traditional dental floss, which is typically made of nylon, a petroleum-based product. It is then packaged in a hard plastic dispenser box, and further wrapped in yet more plastic for display. This is like a plastic burrito, but unfortunately not biodegradable or delicious. All of this plastic packaging is either headed straight for the landfill or is relatively hard to recycle. Small items that go into your blue bin can be difficult to sort at the recycling facility and sometimes end up becoming garbage in the end anyway.

Our plastic-free packaging takes the guesswork out of recycling as there are only two materials used to wrap up this product, cardboard and aluminum. Simply break down the cardboard and add it to your grey bin and the tiny aluminum bit can be popped in the trash (it’s too small for the blue bin), or you add it to your scrap metal collection if you’re keen like that.

"silk-based floss because it stays intact until the job is done. It can get between tightly spaced teeth without snagging"

Plastic or not, we’re all flossing daily (right?), and if we’re considering alternatives they need to get the job done. I can hear our readers’ thoughts, “This is FLOSS we’re talking about, and what matters is that it removes the yickies from between my teeth. Tell me, does it work?”. Well thank goodness, you’ve read this far and YES, it works! The Peeled Pantry rigorously tested many natural floss materials but landed on this silk-based floss because it stays intact until the job is done. It can get between tightly spaced teeth without snagging, making the case for this durable and effective product. 


We’re so excited about this new product in our Peeled Essentials that we’ve already made the switch ourselves. Be sure to stay tuned with us as we continue to feature the remaining items in your zero-waste dental care trio. Up next, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

This new Peeled Essential will turn your bedtime routine into a riot of reflecting on what an eco-friendly bada$$ you are with this new addition to your bathroom necessities.

Add Peeled Essentials plastic-free dental floss to your next order here!

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