Holiday Waste Reduction: Tip #4

Holiday Waste Reduction: Tip #4

It’s understandably hard to avoid plastic and fossil-fuel products all together but there are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for a low-waste gift:

  • Plastic-free packaging 
  • Organic or natural products
  • Use of responsible materials
  • Reusable, up-cycling and recycling values
  • Place of manufacturing/shipping

Tip #4 - The low-waste gift

If nothing from the previous tips inspires a gift idea, here's our extensive list of low-waste gifts to consider. 

I. Edibles


Yes, those edibles count as well. But we are talking about food here, a good dish or a baked treat. Everyone loves to eat so you can't really go wrong here.


Note 1: Seeing we are in such a diverse community, your friend or neighbour might really enjoy a cultural treat.

Note 2: Don't forget to check for food allergies and intolerances. 


II. Plants


It's the gift that keeps on... growing. If they are a plant lover, this could be a no brainer. A potted plant makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

If they don’t have a lot of time for plant-care or is a total plant newbie, may we recommend succulents? We like to make our own arrangements for gifting.


III. Be local


We love this because supporting local just makes sense - support the local economy while reducing the carbon footprint. Local farms will carry jams and craft olive oils. 


IV. Responsible materials

Fortunately with the internet, there are a lot of clothing and goods you can shop online. Which also means you can check for where the product is made, where the shop is located, and what materials the product contains. 

Keep a look out for recycled and natural fibers, made and shipped locally.


V. Your Time

Time is precious and a busy fella will always appreciate a helping hand. Offering to babysit or helping to fix up something around the house as a gift might by something your gift would greatly appreciate during the holidays.


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