Zero-Waste Guide for Beginners

Zero-Waste Guide for Beginners

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Wanted to start a zero-waste lifestyle but not sure where to start? We’ve got your THE guide for you!

1. Stay calm

Now that you feel the urgency to reduce waste, don't panic!. You don’t need to fit all your waste into one jar - in fact, this could be completely unrealistic for you. As with anything, its a journey of habitual changes, not a giant rule book you need to start overnight :)


2. Its a goal

Figure out what that means to you and start small. Your zero waste goals should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. 

Ex: Forgoing single-use plastic bags for a year or switching plastic ones for glass bottle refills for 3 months ;)


3. Be mindful

Take a moment to observe your daily habits and routines to see if they help you achieve your goals.

Ex: I've started to notice how often I forget my reusable bag when out so I leave a small grocery bag folded in my jacket pocket at all times.


4. Read more

There’s a lot of research, advocacy, and innovation around zero-waste and each society tackles it differently. The more you know, the more informed decisions you can make about fulfilling your zero-waste goals.


5. Roadmap it

Brainstorm on a long-term plan to achieve a zero waste home/lifestyle (the ultimate goal) so that you're considering all types of waste in your life.

Ex: Buying less of fast-fashion, switching out your gasoline-fuelled car or doing a home energy assessment.


6. Share it

Tell others about the work you have done so far (without making anyone feel guilty or uncomfortable of course). Everyone has their own journey, but having those thought-provoking conversations can help gain perspectives and share best practices. You might even inspire someone to join the journey.


7. Keep going 

If you feel like you're failing, IT'S OK!! Just keep going. Like with any other lifestyle change, eating healthier or getting more sleep, this takes time and effort for all of us and that's ok. You're still making a huge difference in your life, for others and the planet!

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