delivery info

We are proud to now offer emission free local delivery by bicycle in our South Zone!

Local Delivery Area: 

Delivery Details 

All our deliveries are plastic free. We use 100% recyclable cardboard and paper, and we strive to minimize excess packaging.

Please leave any delivery notes (buzzer #, specific placement location, etc) in the comments of your order!

We will pick up your used bottles at your next delivery. Please place your empties on your doorstep on the day of delivery. Visit our return+earn program page to learn more. 

North Delivery Zone

For Local Delivery addresses north of St. Clair avenue.

  • Deliveries weekly on Saturday
  • Order before 5pm Friday for same-week delivery
  • See Green Area on map above

South (Bicycle) Delivery Zone

For Local Delivery addresses south of St. Clair avenue.

  • Emission free bicycle-based delivery by Nrbi.Co
  • Deliveries weekly on Friday
  • Orders before 5pm Thursday for same-week delivery
  • See Blue Area on map above

Still need more info? See our shipping policy page for additional details.

Delivery Rates

  • Orders less than $50 - $5 Delivery
  • Orders over $50 - Free