our story

In 2020, we took a cross-country trip across our beautiful backyard that is Canada and enjoyed the wild beauty it has to offer. Captivated by the landscape, it really drove home the realization that we need to do our best to preserve our shrinking natural wilderness.


Canada stands to be one of the most affected countries in the world from global warming. With its vast shorelines on both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Canada is also on the frontline of the world's plastic pollution crisis. Here in Ontario, our plastic waste makes its way into Great Lakes waterways. The waste generated here is also exported to developing countries as a problem for them to handle: our choices here can make a huge impact on a global stage!

We need to do our best today to give the next generation a fighting chance to climb the same tree-covered mountains, see the glaciers unchanged, to swim clear unpolluted waters, and walk across litter-free beaches. 

Being apartment dwellers in the heart of the city, we felt helpless and began a venture to make zero-waste more accessible to our community. We founded The Peeled Pantry to realize a vision of what a lower-emission, plastic-free, and sustainable Canada can look like.

We hope you consider making the move to plastic-free products!

Rashmi + Ryan

Athabaska Glacier