The Canned Collection

For You + The Earth

Soap, in cans? Yes! We're serious about ditching plastic, and that's why our premium hand & body washes are now in cans.

Aluminum cans use less material than traditional packaging and are 100% recyclable - even the lids.

Canned Suds

Our cans convert into ready to use soap dispensers for use in the shower, by the sink, or wherever you need them to be.

Just pop on your can and voila! you are all ready to go with our zero waste, fuss-free alternative to plastic bottles.

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Zero-Waste Refills

Finally, no more plastic pouch!
Less than 9% of plastic ever gets recycled, and there is no guarantee that plastic going into the bin actually gets recycled. That's why we're on a mission to eliminate plastic waste from household and personal care products.

  • 100% Curbside Recyclable

    No special treatment: Just rinse out your empty cans and drop into your Blue Bin. Plus, recyclers love aluminum - unlike plastic - because it's both valuable and near-infinitely recyclable.

  • Easy Refilling

    Our refill cans have a unique wide-opening lid, so that refilling bottles is quick and easy.

  • Light on Emissions

    At a featherweight 18 grams, aluminum cans reduce transport emissions, while their durability means less packaging is needed for shipping.

Real Ingredients

Why use artificial fragrances when the real ones are so much better? Our premium hand & body soaps feature only natural scents, not artificial perfumes!

∙ No artificial scents or colours
∙ Free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates
∙ With natural plant extracts & essential oils
∙ Made in Canada

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