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Our mission at The Peeled Pantry is to make a low-waste lifestyle accessible to Torontonians. Currently, we operate online with direct to customer sales, and have partnered with Davisville Guardian Pharmacy for our return+earn (bottle reuse) program. 

We see that the industry is ripe for this kind of shift in packaging and feel that local business customers will benefit through our partnership program. 

Supplier partnerships

We have a partnership with trusted Canadian companies with like-minded goals in protecting the environment to provide customers a variety of home care and personal care products. Our Peeled Essentials line offers an economical choice as well.

Our unique business proposition

We buy in bulk to repackage into reusable containers, and work with retail stores to stock their shelves with ready-to-use refills. 

Embedded return+earn program

Each bottle has a deposit value which is refunded to the customer upon return. We collect bottles dropped off at our retail partners’ collection points and reimburse them for the deposits. Customers can look for the return+earn logo on the bottles to identify eligible products. More on deposti values here

We take it a step further by providing products with pumps and caps for refills to avoid the plastic waste of buying a pump each time. Our anti-slip silicone sleeve as seen below provides added safety on slippery surfaces like in the bath or shower.

Value proposition

  • You retain more display space compared to a traditional bulk/refill setup
  • Customers experience the same benefits of refilling without any of the hassle
  • Your market becomes a community hub for Toronto’s zero-waste movement 

We are happy to work with you on tailoring the program to your store’s specific needs or to address any concerns. Partnering with The Peeled Pantry for your storefront could range from only selling products, to only setting up a collection point, or a mixture of both.

Why we care and why you should too


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