return + earn program

We strive to eliminate packaging waste - that's why we created a program to collect, clean, and refill our used bottles. Available with Local Delivery in Toronto and at our Dufferin Storefront.

A Circular Solution

All of our glass bottles include a deposit to encourage return and reuse. Our bottle deposit is already included in the price of all our products - no hidden fees on checkout.

You can redeem your bottle's deposit whenever you return you bottle via online orders* or at our storefront.

*home pickup for bottle returns only for orders shipped with Local Delivery

return + earn logo as it appears on our bottles

Look for the return + earn logo on our bottles

Bottle Return for Online Orders

For online orders shipped using the Local Delivery option, we pick up your used bottles at your next delivery. Please place your empties on your doorstep on the day of delivery, and we will pick them up when we drop off your new order.

Once returned, we will email you your loyalty card, and the bottle credit will appear on your account. Using your credit is simple: just copy your loyalty card’s code into your next checkout, and your account balance will be applied against your order.

Customers selecting shipping by Canada Post won't be able to return their bottles via online order. However, any return+earn bottle can be brought in to our storefront at a later time for credit.

Bottle Return in Store

Bottle returns for both online and in person orders are available in our Dufferin storefront. We can issue a credit to your account for later use, or count your return deposit toward any in store purchase.

    Deposit Rates

    Each glass bottle has a deposit value: 

    • Bottles 250ml or smaller - $0.25
    • 500ml bottles - $0.50
    • 1L bottles - $1
    • Mason jars w/ lid - $1

    Members who create an account with us earn also an extra $0.25/bottle on every return.

      Bottle Cleaning + Sterilization

      All of our glass containers go through a thorough cleaning and sanitization process to ensure the same cleanliness as their first use. We follow the same process as commercial kitchens.

      1. Before anything else, we pre-wash returned jars and bottles, which removes most leftover product and any labels.
      2. Jars and bottles are then washed in a high-temp commercial bottle washer, which uses detergent to clean the surfaces and the high-heat wash and rinse cycles to sanitize bottles.
      3. Finally, bottles are inspected, dried, and put into our inventory of cleaned bottles. 

      We always err on the side of caution, and we never reuse any bottles with chipped or pitted glass. Before we fill any bottles, they go through another round of pre-filling inspections to ensure safety and quality.