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Let’s make one thing clear: nothing is ever going to be completely zero waste. But that’s not to say we should just give up on the whole idea! After all, having many people do zero waste imperfectly is far better than having a few do it perfectly.

That’s where we come in.

Waste free made easy 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of making the shift to zero waste! Every product at The Peeled Pantry is carefully chosen to reflect our values of minimal packaging, environmental sustainability, and local sourcing (where possible). When you browse our store, you can feel confident that each and every product was already vetted for its sustainability ‘creds’. And we take it seriously, too: if we can’t source a product that meets our requirements, we’d rather not list any at all.

We partner with local/Canadian companies that also focus on low-waste processing, and we source in bulk reusable or cardboard boxes wherever possible.

What’s more, all of our liquid products (soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc) come in reusable deposit bottles. When you are done with your bottles we take them back, clean + sanitize them, and reuse them — no single use packages here! You can learn more about our return+earn program here

Why We’re Different

One of the biggest challenges we’ve heard is that a low-waste lifestyle is time consuming in the extreme. It can mean travelling to specific bulk refill stores, lugging bottles and jars with you, and then filling those. And when you get home, it can mean tediously refilling your home [ hand soap / laundry / lotion / what-ever-else ] dispensers, too.

We believe refills should be as easy to use as products in their original store packaging. With our conveniently sized ready-to-use bottled products, you won’t need to fuss with pouring or refilling! We offer all our liquid products with either pump or sprayer caps, so you can just twist them open and use. 

Why we care