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The Peeled Pantry

Can Pump Kit

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We've custom designed this special pump kit to convert our aluminum refill cans into ready to use soap dispensers. Just pop on your can and voila! you are all ready to go with our zero waste, fuss-free alternative to plastic bottles.

This kit is entirely reusable - you only need to buy it once - which is just the way we want it to be, with no unnecessary waste.

The flexible no-slip base keeps your cans secure while pumping, making it perfect for around the sink or in the shower!

Comes minimally packaged in environmentally-friendly kraft paper sachets. Sealed packaging keeps the pumps sanitary and ready-to-use. 

Product Highlights

  • Dispense soap & lotion directly from our refill cans
  • Entirely reusable, so you can ditch the plastic waste
  • Fits all of our 355ml cans
  • Just pop it onto your refill bottle to use!

Materials and Sourcing

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

Lid and base made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Pump made from polypropylene.


    Lid & Base: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rubber
    Pump: Polypropylene

    100% Recycleable

    This product comes in 100% recycleable packaging.

    Aluninum cans are entirely recycleable, lighweight, and extremely durable. Our products in cans take up less weight and space and let us ship with less packing material.

    Aluminum is infinitely recycleable, unlike plastic. Even better, recycled aluminum takes 90% less energy to produce than virgin aluminum smelted from bauxite ore.

    Sourcing to Reduce Waste

    Our Can Kit

    Our cans convert into soap dispensers for use in the shower, by the sink, or wherever you need them to be.

    Just pop on your can and voila! You are all ready to go with our zero waste, fuss-free alternative to plastic bottles.

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    Zero Waste Refills

    Finally, no more plastic refill pouch! Our cans are a 100% recyclable refill for your soap bottle or shower gel container.

    And, our refill cans have special wide-opening lids, so that refilling bottles is quick and easy.

    The Can Collection

    All of our hair and body soaps are now available in our easy-to-pour, environmentally-conscious, 100% recyclable refill cans!

    Either refill your own dispenser at home or bundle it with our glass bottles + pumps.

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