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  • The Waste Reduction Manual: Holiday Edition

    PART V Tip #5 - Remain calm. In this day and age, we think its fair to say...there will always be another sale. Don't act on a sale unless you've ...
  • The Waste Reduction Manual: Holiday Edition

    PART IV It’s understandably hard to avoid plastic and fossil-fuel products all together but there are a few factors to keep in mind when looking f...
  • The Waste Reduction Manual: Holiday Edition

    PART III Do you ever find yourself looking at potential gifts before you have someone to gift to? This maybe a sign that you’re about to buy somet...
  • The Waste Reduction Manual: Holiday Edition

    PART I It's a tough season. We totally feel you. With the flood of sale emails in your inbox, the pressure to buy everyone you know a gift during t...
  • The Waste Reduction Manual: Holiday Edition

    Part II Giving without the buying. Now let's talk about what you can actually gift. Before looking at a physical gift, we like to brainstorm on a...
  • Midtown friends, we are in a store near you!

    We are thrilled to announce our first retail partner!   If you are in the midtown-Toronto area, you’ll be happy to know that you can now buy your ...
  • Our Ultimate Low-Waste Adventure Guide

    As we go out in the nice weather, picnic in parks and hike along trails, let’s remember to be kind to our Earth. Here are a few eco-tips to help do your part for mother nature in return for it’s beauty and the serenity it provides you.

    Hiking | Camping | Cottaging

  • Keeping your pumps and sprayers clean!

    So you’ve returned your refillable bottles and are holding on to the pumps/sprayer for extra uses. That’s perfect and exactly what we recommend! They will last a long time with proper care and regular clean ups - read how!

  • Is it time to change your toothpaste?

    Toothpaste in tablet form will bring you back to the days of Flintstone vitamins but with all of the minty cleaning power you need and expect.
  • Introducing All-Natural Dental Floss

    The Peeled Pantry is very excited to announce the launch of our new zero waste dental care trio. Today, the littlest item will make its debut, humble dental floss. We’ve sourced top-quality materials to bring you a truly plastic-free, all-natural alternative to traditional petroleum-based floss that is both an effective and eco-friendly addition to your bathroom necessities.

  • DIY Mask Freshener Spray (And Some Science)

    It's still masking season - and expected to remain so for a while yet - so this post is about how to make a do-it-yourself mask freshener spray.  ...
  • How many times can your waste be recycled?

    These materials are commonly found around the house. Learn more about their recyclability and tips to ♻️.

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